Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ma and Wang Shi in the end how much of the donations for the disaster area?

Countries are in trouble, compatriots in trouble, as most of the wealth of Chinese entrepreneurs who harness, how much money should be donated to disaster relief? This topic has caused much debate.

To tell the truth, is not the number of donations, but in a disaster area people with heart to overcome difficulties. But then again, heart is also with the ability of different people have big or small. "Spider-Man" in a famous lines: "The greater the greater the responsibility," as the phrase is "do not ask how many contributions" to add.

5.12 After the earthquake, Wenchuan, almost disappeared from the map, so far, the national death toll from the earthquake more than 30,000. People in disaster areas around the world lent a helping hand, especially a lot of entrepreneurs to donate, impressive, including the Formosa Plastics Group and Mr. Shao Yifu each donated 100 million. May 16, according to media statistics, Taiwan companies and individuals contribute nearly 600 million yuan, while closing 14 standings in the mainland's top 10 richest tycoons disaster relief donations total only about 32.5 million yuan, friends shouted gap too, accusing the mainland businessman "merciless", "lack of social responsibility" and gone.

At this time, two entrepreneurs gave us a lesson. One is Wang Shi, there is one that is Ma. Vanke Wang Shi and his estate donated 200 million, also requires employees not more than 10 donations away, the father of the Chinese e-commerce and more surprise Mr. Ma Yun, who donated a dollar.

Wang Shi said that China is a country prone to natural disasters, contributions should not be a burden on businesses and individuals. Ma said that China's entrepreneurs now have the ability should not be used even if charitable, but may wish for the "expanded reproduction", "under those fluorescent charitable donations, donate a dollar every time I think that is enough."

Wang Shi and Ma are calm and rational manner, makes some back hair cool. Wenchuan earthquake in China in their hearts become "frequent natural disasters" in the latest case, what killed 3 million people, there are still tens of thousands of people missing the Wenchuan earthquake, really achieve the "frequent" the point of it? Countries in trouble dedication and commitment to social responsibility, this is only moral and conscience bottom line aside, the basic requirements of an enterprise, how to become a burden on business?

"Donation is not how much the expression of a dollar is enough attitude" It is true that there is nothing wrong, but it it not an excuse to evade responsibility. If everyone "donated a dollar," to show everyone the "attitude", which actually lives at home hit an impasse, which is indirect violence Heyi? Hit several hundred thousand people waiting for food and other drink ah, they need money, need materials, need tangible assistance, rather than theoretical. A few days ago the media reported that a beggar donated 102 yuan, are today's social responsibility to bear the Gai Bang Brothers?

To donate a dollar, why not contact early Jet Li's "One Foundation"? People across the country ride out the storm in time, separated in the countless lives through time, keep those front-line disaster relief came the news of the miracle of life, I surprised to hear Mr. Wang Dan and his Mr. Ma Yun's "Modern Economic Theory", is more alarmed at what they rise above the normal of joy, anger, sadness and sense of national identity of the so-called "rational."

Earthquake, is the baptism of our generation is our rite of passage is unforgettable memory of the Chinese nation, let us embrace the truth, let us mutual help, so we have money to pay, it was the people, blood donation - Wenchuan emergency!!!

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